Islam Is OK! Tee White

Islam Is OK! Tee White

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Classic schwipe 'ISLAM IS OK!" design printed on white 100% cotton t-shirt.

Limited Edition. Collect 'em all.

The Church of Schwipology reminisces a wasted fashion crime, the voice of a matyr is heard from beyond.

Beyond the pale and barely stale. “Islam is OK” Is this not the way of the world?

The crooked hand of time’s revenge for this little world, that if you grow old, you become bigger, and need a larger size. Or others bear the unfortunate hand of a thief or misplaced loss.

From the bosom of the deep, the words echo “bring it back”. A simpletons despair, a last journey. No more running amock, SCHWIPE, for this is a social departure too soon.

For this is not a sore temptation, but a new age revelation.